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Mustafa Kemal Ataturk ; Saviour or Traitor


Alhamdulillah thanks to Allah because with His bless and permission, I able to complete this little research about one famous identity in Muslim’s world, a very well known people among the Muslim. Who is he? He was Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. I also did not forgetting my guider, also the one who has always advised and critics me to ensure I has done the best work, which is Bro. Mohd Azib bin Mohd Azhar; my lecturer for the subject Introduction to Contemporary Issues In Muslim World and Basic History.

So, in this simple assignment, I will briefly explain and exposed who it is the person name Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. His historical background, his involvement in Ottoman Empire, his ideology and his mission had attracted my interest to make a research about him. A long my research, I found that it was not difficult to me to find books or articles about him. Thats why I considered him as among the famous person in the world, especially among Muslim world. There were a lot of scholars, thinkers and critics had wrote and articles, journals and books about him; his ideology, his contribution towards Muslim society and his betrayal towards Ummah.

Some groups of people labeled him as a savior and reformist of the Ummah. Meanwhile others declared him as a traitor of the Ummah. So, which one was true? That’s why I had looked deeply and comprehensively about his life and after that I had made a conclusion about him. Either he was a savior of the Ummah or the traitor of the Ummah.

Last but not least, I hope this little effort will be blessed by Allah and will give information to others people about the real identity of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and realized that for this very long time, we as Muslim had been cheated by history about the real identity of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. For a long time we gave him a respect and saluted him on his achievement liberating Turkey from her fallen and had brought great improvement on her civilizations. We angry with people who against him and protect him from any harm. We followed his ideology and felt proud with it.

As a conclusion, what we heard and saw not necessarily true and good. Sometime there was agenda hidden behind it. We as a Muslim must thought critically about what we heard from others people or from media. Sometime there was propaganda behind it, a propaganda that had been planned in order to ruin and destroyed Muslim physically and mentally.


Ottoman Empire begins around 1289 C.E at Asia Minor or known as Turkey nowadays. She was founded by Othman Ertogrul (1281-1324 C.E) and her capital city was Bursa, at the North-West of Anatolia. Then during Sultan Murad 1 era, the capital city was transferred to Edirne. Sultan Mehmed 11 had made Constantinople as a new Ottoman Empire capital city after he conquered it in 1453 and changed it name to Islambul. Islambul (later known as Istanbul) had been the capital city of Ottoman Empire until it last Sultan; Vahideddin (1918-1922 C.E).[1]

Ottoman Empire had been the protector of the Muslim Ummah from 13th century until 20th century before it was collapsed on 1924. During its fallen period (started from 16th century), Ottoman Empire was very weak and had been attacked by a few world power such as France, Russia and British. Ottoman Empire also known as ‘The Sick Man of the Europe’ a long  that period. It was because its weak conditions that made others power can control her easily. Ottoman also lost most of its territories cause by wars and treaties.

Started from Abdul Majid until Sultan Abdul Hamid 11, Ottoman had started its reformation in order to strengthen and saved the empire. But due to a lot of internal and external challenges, most of the efforts were failed. Among the internal challenges were the rebellion of Muhammad Ali in Egypt and Young Turks movement. Meanwhile the external challenges were attacked by others big power towards Ottoman Empire.

During this time, emerged one person name Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who had been one of the Ottoman Empire military officers. He had betrayed Ottoman Empire by having a lot of agreements with British in order to topple the Caliph. He also agreed with British and Jews demands in order to empower the Ottoman Empire. He had lead the Young Turks toppling the Sultan and made himself as a new Turkey leader.

After Mustafa Kemal Ataturk take over Turkey, he had annulled the System of Caliphate and sent Sultan Abdul Hamid 11 to Salonika city. He had changed Turkey to republic country with name Republic of Turkey. He had annulled all the Islamic law and changed it with Western Law. He also cut the connection of Turkey from others Islamic Country. He had declared Secularism as the national constitution and denied the rules of Islamic Law in the administration of Turkey government.

He had brought all the Western cultures in Turkey and forces all of the Turks to follow it. All the Islamic school and institution were closed and the Quran was read in Turkey language, same with the Azan. Wearing of ‘tudung’ and ‘songkok’ were prohibited and all the Muslim scholar who against him were captured. In order to protect his ideology, he had used military forces where who ever against him, will be captured and killed.[2]

So, that was a brief history about Ottoman Empire. From a strong and big empire, it collapsed to a weak and small country.  The rules of Islamic Law were denied and Secularism had been its main ideology. These conditions are still same until now.


  • His brief historical background.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was in 1880 C.E at Salonika city (a Jews city) that situated in Greece. ‘Kemal’ name whith means ‘perfect’ was gave by his teacher regarding to his unique in class. Meanwhile ‘Ataturk’ title (means Father of Turkey Modernization) was giving by the Grand National Assembly for his contribution towards the modernization of Turkey[3]. His father was Ali Ridha and his mother was Zubaidah. But, there were still confusion when Mustafa itself did not accept Ali Ridha as his father. There was a rumor that said that his parent actually came from Albania.

He also had back to the Office of Citizens Statistics in Salonika in order to delete his family relation with Ali Ridha. His mother also had been said had pregnant because of her illegal sex with one man name Abdul Muhsin Agha and from that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was born. The marriage between Zubaidah and Ali Ridha also full with controversial, where the age gap between both of them were big, which was 20 years old. Zubaidah herself was a beautiful and liar woman. Mustafa’s father also was an atheis.

During his child age, Mustafa was hated by his friends and teachers because he liked to quarrel with his teachers. He felt satisfied if he able to hurt someone. He also always quarreled with his seniors in Al-Ittihad wa At-Taraqi movement especially when he failed to get a position in that movement. Once in the forum by Al-Ittihad wa At-Taraqi, Anwar (one of his seniors) had mention that if Mustafa Kemal had got the position that he wanted, he wanted to be Al-Basya. Then he wanted to be Sultan and after that he wanted to be God.

About Mustafa Kemal education, he got his first education in religious school. Then his mother transferred him to modern school. After the death of his father, Zubaidah had brought him to his uncle’s Husain Agha farm at Salonika city. Then he received his education at a school in Salonika city. There, he had been beat by his teacher and ran from that school because of his habits that was loved to quarreled with other students.

On 1893, he entered military school at Salonika and graduated after four years from secondary military school at Balkan city; the city where the movement against Caliphate. After that he continued his study at Military Academy of Istanbul and graduated from there on 1902. Pursued his study at Military Academy of Commando Staff and after finished on 1905, he had been sent to Division 5 at Damsyik with rank of Major. During that time, he only 25 years old and had been posted in Battalion 30 of Cavalry.

Starting from that period, he had involved actively in military. Step by step he had been promoted until rank of Commander at Palestine. During his services with military also he had make a good relationship with British and had many time betrayed Ottoman Empire by pretending had being defeated by British army or retreated his army from line without any causes. His conflict with Al-Ittihad wa At-Taraqi movement also had been among the factors of his betrayal towards Ottoman Empire when that movement that had power on that time had ignore his contributions.[4] Later on, we will see how Mustafa Kemal got his power and achieve his mission with the support from British which had been get rid later on from Turkey by Mustafa Kemal.


  • His roles in war affair.

Previous chapter had explained briefly about his involvement in military affair. So this chapter will explain deeper about his roles in military system of Ottoman Empire and how he used his position in order to take over the Empire.

After had done his serviced in Battalion 30 of Cavalry, he had been promoted to the rank of Aghas (rank between Major and Lieutenant Colonel) before had been transfer to Salonika. In 1908, Mustafa then had been posted to Libya but one year later, he returned to Turkey to combine with movement of Mahmad Syaukat to topple Sultan Abdul Hamid 11. On 1910, he was sent to France to join the military training there. When he back to Turkey, he had been promoted to the position of Director of Military Training. Although he had hold that position, Al-Ittihad movement still did not recognized him and that had increased his angry towards them. Then, he once again posted to Salonika as Commander of 39th Infantry.

When Italy attacked Libya, Mustafa Kemal had involved in that war and had been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. During that war (War of Balkan), Mustafa had betray Ottoman Empire just because did not wanted Anwar got all the praised if they won in series of war at Bulgaria. That event had been a disaster to Ottoman Empire when city of Urona had fallen to Italy.

Then, he had been promoted to the rank of Colonel. But he had been put away from political affair by Al Ittihad wa At-Taraqi movement because they did not like him. He only had connection with Jamal Pasya because both of them hated Germany. He also had been separated to Sofia because of his criticism towards Al-Ittihad movement.

When World War 1 started, Ataturk had made a request to Anwar so he was promoted to Commander in one of war field. After he begged for a few times, then Anwar agreed with his request and gave him a position in Ghalipuli peninsular. He has showed his bravery there and had achieved a big success there. But his achievement did not impress Anwar.

He also had rebelled against Al-Ittihad wa At-Taraqi movement but he and his friends had been captured by Anwar. All of them had been punished with hanging till death except Mustafa Kemal and that was the biggest mistake taken by Anwar.

He had been eliminated to Caucasie, the IV Army Camp of Turkey. He later then transferred to Diyar Bakar, the II Army Camp of Turkey. Then, he had been posted to Syam(Syria) on 1917 and during that time his rank was Major General (Pasya) and he was the Representative of Commander for II troop of Turkey army. Then he also had been promoted to Commander in Palestine. There, he had make an agreement with General Allenby where Mustafa will retreat his army in order General Allenby and his army can entered Palestine. This agreement had made a big loss towards Ottoman Empire.

Then, with his agreement with British, he likely had defeat British army. This was because among the content of the agreement was they will help each other in order to make sure Mustafa Kemal will take over Ottoman Empire and later on British will brought her influence in Turkey. Here were some proves that shown Mustafa Kemal betrayal towards Ottoman Empire during war especially his agreement with General Allenby:

  1. Mustafa had retreat his army from a strong and strategic position of Ottoman Empire which was Nablus and that retreat had allowed General Allenby and his army to enter and conquered Nablus.
  2. The strength of General Allenby on that time was weak and impossible to defeat Ottoman Empire army.
  3. When General Allenby had won the war, he had came to Istanbul and request Ottoman Empire to promoted Mustafa Kemal Ataturk as Commander of VI army near the Maushil (one of city of Iraq) where that city the influence of British was strong there and that place also rich with oil. The purpose of that request was they wanted Mustafa Kemal to protect them there.[5]
  • His Roles in Political Affair.

Before he became the President of Republic of Turkey, he was not active in politics. So, how he can be the first President of Turkey? Of course it was because of the roles play by British. British had used Mustafa in order to break the trust and unity among the Muslim Ummah especially in Turkey and made them rebelled against the Caliph.

For every war between British and Mustafa Kemal, there were an agenda behind it. British pretended to be defeated by Mustafa Kemal and with that people will saw him as a Hero and questioned the roles of Caliph. So, when Mustafa Kemal came back to Turkey, he had lead the Young Turks and the Turks to make a reformation and rebelled against the Caliph. They had force the Caliph to let go his position and power to Young Turks. When the Caliph refused, he had influence the members of Syura Council to bring down the Caliph. His planned was success and the Caliph (Sultan Abdul Hamid II) had lost his power and a puppet Caliph (Sultan Abdul MAjid) had took over the Caliphate.

Mustafa then make himself as the President of Turkey but he still did not change anything. After that, he had made the Caliph looked nothing and useless. That conditions had made the people angry and force the Caliph to let go the power and gave the power to the people.

So, Mustafa bravery had fired the Caliph from his position and turned Ottoman Empire to Republic of Turkey. After that, he had made a lot of changes in Turkey in form of constitution, law and cultures.


  • Beginning of Secularism in Turkey.

When he had become a president, he had brought the ideology of Secularism in  Turkey. Actually, the best term to explain the ideology in Turkey was Kemalism which including republicanism, secularism, nationalism, revolutionism, populism and aestheticism. But the most important aspect was secularism which had been the back bone of Kemalism.[6]

So, what is secularism? According to Prof. Dr. Yusuf al Qaradhawy (2009), secularism was an ideology that separated religion and politic, and religion and country. Secularism also separated and eliminated the roles of religion in the human life.[7]

Meanwhile according to Altaf Gauhar (1978), there were four principal institutions of secular society:[8]

  1. The legislature which comes into existence through a process of free and fair elections.
  2. The judiciary which occupies a pivotal and independent position.
  3. The executive, which obeys the legislative and the judicial sovereign.
  4. The press which is the principal instrument for the formulation and expression of public opinion.

So, that was ideology that brought by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in Turkey. Among the changes brought by Mustafa Kemal under name of secularism were[9]:

  1. Abolition of Ministry of Islamic Judiciary and changes it with the Board of Civil Judiciary.
  2. Civil Law of Turkey which giving same rights between men and women.
  3. On 3 March 1924, the education system was change with secular education system where all religious schools were abolished.
  4. Text of Quran was change from Arabic to Turkish language.
  5. On 1925, national dress was legally abolished.
  6. On 1926, polygamy was prohibited.
  7. On 1928, Latin script replaced Arabic for the writing of the Turkish language.
  8. On 1934, the political emancipation of women, including the right to vote and hold public office, was legally enacted.
  9. On 1935, the Western weekend was adopted.
  10. The elimination of Article 2 in Turkey 1924 Constitution which was ‘Islam as the religion for Turkey’ to another article in Turkey 1937 Constitution that mention that officially Turkey was Secular country.

So, that was all his effort in order to secularize the Turkey. He had eliminated all the Islamic aspects in Turks daily life and forced them to follow the Western way. In order to protect his ideology, he used the military power, where he will captured and killed every one who against him or tried to eliminate secularism from Turkey Constitution. But we must realized that Islam still the only way that suitable for all people and nation because of its comprehensiveness. We can considered what Mustafa Kemal done as modernization was absolutely wrong and he actually backwards the Turks people and civilization.


After the death of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, his legacy was continued by Ismet Inonou, person who protected secularism brought by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. At the same time, Islamic movement and political parties had grown up rapidly in order to change back Turkey to an Islamic country.

Among the popular movement was the Nurcu group. Lead by Bediuzzaman Said Nusi, this movement was printed and media based movement. Where it spread its ideology, rebellion and reformation through magazines named Risale-I Nur Kulliyatu. This movement had three major consequences; first it undermined the traditional ‘ulama and their authority once this new form of transmission of knowledge was introduced. Second, its print-based discourse challenged hegemonic voices and opened up public spaces for dissent and emancipation. Third, it made Islam relevance once again for the economic and social transformation of Turkey.[10]

Then, emerged another group known as Democrat Party leaded by Celal Bayar and Adnan Menderes. This party was a liberal party and had brought a big effect in the Islamization of Turkey. Among its steps was teachings of religious subject in school, building of Islamic school and mosque, allowed the Turkish Muslim to perform Hajj in Makka and azan in Arabic.

But the fight of this party did not stand for a long time because of military forces. As mention before, secularism in Turkey was protected by military.

But, the fight did not stopped till that. In 26 January 1970, emerged one party named Milli Nizam Party (MNP) and it was based on Islam. The founder of this party was Prof. Necmettin Erbakan. Others leaders were Hasan Aksay, Ahmet Tevfik Paksu, Suleyman Afir Emre and Ismail Muftuoglu. This party had gain support from various sides in Turkey and had connection with Adalet Party leaded by Suleyman Demiral. Magazine Yeniden Milli Mucadele had been and official magazines for this party because of its support towards it. It main objective was to bring back the implementation of Islamic Law in Turkey.[11]

So, we can conclude that Turkey people still can not accept secularism as their ideology and constitution. That’s why they could accept and support Islamic-based movement that had emerged in Turkey. They still believe the comprehensiveness of Islam as their way of life and they realized that secularism was not suitable for them. That why recently we can see that Turkey people had select Abdullah Gul from Justice and Development Party as their President and Recep Tayyip Erdogan from the same party as their Prime Minister.

They had attracted with their great attitude and personality, although they did not shown their Islamic personality seriously. Steps by steps, they tried to changes Turkey constitution to be more Islamic. So, hopefully, they effort will success and manage to bring Islam back to Turkey.


            Mustafa Kemal Ataturk died at age of 58. During the end of his life, he was suffered from various diseases like sirrosis hepatis that cause by too much alcohol in his stomach. A long his life, he like to drink whine and another alcohol drinks. His memory also collapsed and blood flowing from his nose continuously. He also felt itchy in his sexual part and always scrape that part of body.

His stomach swallow, same like his feet. His condition became worst from day to day. His face shrinking, loss too much blood, his body very pale and he could not able to move. A long that period, he always scream until can be hear through out his palace; Dulamah Boghja Palace at Istanbul.

Mustafa died on 10 November 1938 at 9.05 o’clock. At that time, his condition was very horrible. His body only left skin, his weight only 48 kilograms, his mouth almost meet his eyes, and all his teeth were fell. And the worst thing was he had made a will that his death body should not be pray.

He died in horrible manner. Curse by all creation in the earth and heaven after had destroyed Turkey and Islam and tried to be God. Urfan Urka had said that “Ataturk only will satisfy when he managed to destroyed the roles of religion. This was because since child, he belief that human did not need God. He had mentioned that “Indeed, the strength of human mind and desires are able to defeat the strength of God”. [12]


           Previous chapter had mention about his action and betrayal towards Ummah in order to bring secularism in Turkey. But, all above still his minor betrayal. He had committed a very big betrayal towards Ummah. That could not be forgive until the Last Day. What is it?

He had abolished the most comprehensive and reliable system in this earth which was Caliphate system!! He had destroyed the system that had managed and brought human towards success. System that had protecting  the Ummah for 14 century. System that had spread peace, harmony, love and justice around the world.

Actually, the effort to abolished Caliphate system had been started from a long time, since the birth of Islam. But, the Islam enemies realized that they did not managed to do that. This crucial and big task only can be done by Muslim itself, and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk had been chosen for this task.

So, on 3 March 1924, Caliphate system had been abolished officially by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk by saying that this system had brought Muslim backward and had betray Ummah by having complot with external power.

He had eliminated the 34th Caliph of Ottoman Empire; Sultan Abdul Hamid II to Solanika. That’s what happen in Turkey and the thing that had been considered as the biggest betrayal of Mustafa Kemal towards Ummah.[13]


  • Savior or traitor?

So, what is the conclusion? It is Mustafa Kemal Ataturk still can be considered as savior of the Ummah or the traitor of the Ummah? In my opinion, absolutely Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was the traitor of the Ummah. Why?

It was clearly that Mustafa Kemal had being a tool for British in order to destroy the Ummah and Ottoman Empire especially. He also did not belief in God and belief that human can defeat and be God.

He also had eliminated the roles of Islam in human daily life and substituted it with Western ideology. He had abolished the most powerful and comprehensive system for human which was Caliphate System. The system that had protecting and guiding  Ummah and world towards success for almost 14 centuries.

But, we must realize that Allah will preserve His religion. Actually the wave of secularism in Turkey is failed to spread all around the Turkey. This was because people in remote areas around Turkey still practices Islam in their daily life. We can say that secularism only spread in the cities. Mustafa Kemal also had been curse by all living things in the earth and heaven. His death body did not accepted by earth.

So, as a conclusion, we must aware about what had happen around us and be careful with hidden agenda planned by our enemies in order to destroy and conquer us. We must get ready in all aspect of lives, internally and externally. According to Dr. Hassan Muhammad Hassan, there were six ways how the Ummah mind had been attacked by the Western; by controlling the judicial and executive institution, entered the education system, controlling mass media, spread bad rumor about the Islamic leaders and creating a puppet leaders.[14]


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    • You can contact me through my FB : Hazizie Sulkafle, or through my email : if you have any questions, I will try my best to answer.

    • many morons are buying this crap…granted they are just another useless religious nuts like you,thanks to ATATURK turkey is the most developed muslım country,ı can understand the jealousy of you losers,cause we all can see your crappy mid-east country..what a humiliation you guys

      • most developed muslim country? can efe list all the muslim country? what a crap.. what come from you, shows yourself… if crap, crap it be.. you want to play god

  2. Precisely what seriously inspired u to compose “Mustafa
    Kemal Ataturk ; Saviour or Traitor ceritahati 293”?
    Iabsolutely loved it! Many thanks ,Lashawn

    • Thank you for your comment. My inspiration came from book “Turkey Negara Dua Wajah” by Dr. Abdullah Azzam (Its in Malay language, unfortunately I did not know the original title). It also came when through out my readings, I found some people praised him as a great man and a hero of Islam, which by I did not agreed with them, with the reasons that I have mention above.

      • many morons are buying this crap…granted they are just another useless religious nuts like you,thanks to ATATURK turkey is the most developed muslım country,ı can understand the jealousy of you losers,cause we all can see your crappy mid-east country..what a humiliation you guys

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  6. Salam. Very good post. I support return of the Caliph. I am big fan of Ottomans Sultanate. How can I connect with u on fb or twitter? Please advise.

    • Salam. Thank you for your comment.I appreciate it. It s great that you are supporting the Ottomans, or I would prefer to call them Osmanli. You can contact me through my FB, Hazizie Sulkafle, or my Twitter – @HazizieSulkafle.

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